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Special Competencies


Strategic Interests


7x4 Pharma

7x4 Pharma is an innovative, service-oriented company. In cooperation with medial practioner and pharmacies it produces individualised blister packaging of medicines for patients. Production, sales and use of the blister are test areas for the Digital Product Memory in the area of health-care.


The company is interested in combining the different steps of the use of Digital Product Memories for medicines, from the production process to the dispensary. One main focus is the integration of the DPM in the blister. Through this the quality of the supply of pharmaceuticals shall be documentable on the one hand and on the other hand, the compliance of the concerned patient shall be increased. Furthermore, the involvement of the DPM in the different aspects of Ambient Assisted Living will be tested.


BMW Group Research and Technology (BMW)

BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH (Research and Technology) is an affiliated company of BMW AG. Since 2003 it is responsible for the research topics of BMW Group:
Automobile technology, hydrogen technology, intelligent energy management/alternative propulsions, driver assistance/active security as well as information and communication technology.
An international network guaranties access to trends and technologies all over the world. The network includes the USA, Japan as well as the Liaison Offices Eurécom in France and DFKI in Germany.


The low-cost equipment of small mechanical parts with communication abilities allows for transparent production as well as for early plausibility checking and validation of an assembly. In the area of vehicle components several possibilities for the use of DPM open up: improvement based on the customer behaviour, extended diagnosis and advanced maintenance as well as fight against product piracy. The equipment of high-quality control units will save precious know-how, and allows for new self-configuring vehicle architectures, that enable efficiently to update the product functionality all over its life cycle.


Deutsche Post DHL Technology & Innovation Management

Technology & Innovation Management (TIM) – of which the DHL Innovation Center is an integral part – is one component of Deutsche Post DHL enhanced business strategy. Within TIM, innovative logistics solutions are worked out jointly with internal and external partners. The aim is to bring research results to the market as quickly as possible by integrating diverse organizational units, technology partners, research institutes and customers. Thanks to the work of technology & innovation management, the innovation process is picking up tremendous speed: ensuring Deutsche Post DHL long-term innovative leadership.


As a logistics service provider that is situated at the interface of producer, retailer and end consumer innovative solutions are not limited to the physical transport but also include logistics of the information flow. Providing service-oriented solutions based on digital memories on products or transport means level innovative solutions around tracking&tracing, sensor-based monitoring and security can be provided to customers.


The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is the leading German research institute in the field of innovative software technology. In the scientific community, DFKI ranks among the internationally recognized "Centers of Excellence".
Together with its industrial shareholders the DFKI rapidly brings leading edge research to commercially relevant application solutions. Its key competencies are multimodal mobile interaction, robotics and the intelligent company SmartFactoryKL. The DFKI has a deep knowledge in large cooperative projects and distributed software integration.


DFKI is focussing on the investigation of semantic technologies for configuring, exchanging and updating Digital Product Memories as well as on supporting the user with relevant information by multimodal mobile interaction. Robots will use information of the DPM for controlling purposes but can also be used as mobile sensors. Furthermore, the DPM can be used as input data for the adaption of modular production processes.


Globus GmbH & Co. KG (Globus)

In 1828 Globus was founded by Franz Bruch in St. Wendel (Germany). The business year 2006/07 was closed with a volume of 4,5 bn €, originated by more than 90 companies in the distributive channels Globus SB-Warenhaus, Globus Baumarkt and Alpha-Tecc Elektrofachmarkt. In 2007 Globus and the DFKI inaugurate the Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL) in St. Wendel. On an area of 400m² the impact of current technology trends for typical trade processes (for instance stock holding, sale) is tested.


Globus wants to develop its merchandise management processes in terms of a future-oriented configuration and improvement. Inventory management, shelf management, automatic disposition, continuous replenishment and networking with partners can for instance benefit from the complete tracing of the cooling chain, the access to and the evaluation of information concerning soil conditions, growing, pesticides etc. of organic products, or from the source tagging of high-price-products at risk of theft.


SAP AG and its section SAP Research (SAP)

SAP is the world's largest business software company, the most important producer of cross-company software and the world’s third largest independent software company. SAP solutions help companies to improve the communication with their customers, to create possibilities of cooperation between partners and to make supply chains and company processes more efficient.


Software solutions supporting product-processes can benefit from the integration of a DPM, particularly in the areas of production, maintenance and trade: data and programming logic can be situated either centrally or locally. That offers not just a higher flexibility in modeling and the support of processes but also an interconnection of product relevant data with the products itself, for the entire product life cycle and beyond system boundaries.


Siemens AG – Automation and Drives (Siemens)

Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) is a world-leader in automation and power train engineering. The product range involves standard products for the manufacturing and processing industries and electrical installation technology as well as systems and business solutions. A&D also offers software to connect production and business administration and to optimise manufacturing processes. A&D provides a test facility (SmartAutomation, Nuremberg) to implement the project results in a prototypical production environment.


Siemens wants to develop solutions within the RFID-technology which go beyond proprietary Closed-Loop-Applications and that are globally and interoperably useable. The aim is to develop the DPM inline with the products development. Key aspects are the detection and processing of data in the industrial field using Smart Labels, the technology independent usage and the connection of technology and information as well as the access with user- and application-specific mobile end devices.


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